• Q: What can I do to Start the Process?

    First, contact Debt Consulting Group for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION appointment. Or fill-out our online Free Assessment form and one of our knowledgeable debt experts will contact you as soon as possible. We can discuss legal government approved programs ideally suited for your situation. We are licensed Debt Consulting Group who will work directly for you to resolve your personal debt situation.

  • Q: What are the Benefits of Working with Debt Consulting Group?

    • - Guarantee that your debt is reduced or you pay no fees.
    • - Be debt free in 1 - 60 months.
    • - Homes, Vehicles are fully protected.
    • - Collection agency calls will stop.
    • - Wage garnish will stop.
    • - Protection from legal action.
    • - Information on how to re-establish your credit rating.
  • Q: Is my Information Kept Confidential?

    Yes. Debt Consulting Group privacy policy pledges that client information will be strictly safeguarded and stored in a safe manner in our office. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with regulations to guard your personal information and will not disclose information to anyone except to those authorized by you.

  • Q: Will the Creditor Collection Calls STOP?

    Yes. By law all collection activities including phone calls and other correspondence must stop the moment your documents are processed. This does not apply to all secured creditors such as Bank Funded Mortgages, Lien's, or Car Loans. Contact Debt Consulting Group for more details.

  • Q: What kind of Debts can be Consolidated?

    All of your unsecured debts for example: Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Department Store Cards), Unsecured Bank Loans, Unsecured Line of Credit, Payday Loans and Income Taxes (Revenue Canada) are included, except for some limited categories. Contact Debt Consulting Group for more details.

  • Q: Why choose Consumer Proposal over Bankruptcy?

    In Bankruptcy you may loose certain assets (such as valuable cars, houses, and certain RRSPs). With a Consumer Proposal, you can retain those assets.

    There is also a difference between a Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy in how your your income increase is treated: Each month during Bankruptcy you are required to report your income to your trustee. If your income increases in the stated time period (due to new job, promotion, raise or overtime hours), your obligated payments will increase. With a Consumer Proposal, if your income increases after your proposal has been accepted, your payments stay the same.

    For more valuable information on how to avoid Bankruptcy contact Debt Consulting Group.


    A DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (DMP) is a voluntary agreement between you and your creditors, arranged by DEBT CONSULTING GROUP credit counsellor. Example: If you owe money on five different credit cards, DEBT CONSULTING GROUP credit counsellor will contact each of the five credit card companies to get them to agree to DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (DMP). Once the agreement on debt settlement is achieved then DEBT CONSULTING GROUP collects payment from you each month and then distributes the money to each creditors.

    For more information please contact DEBT CONSULTING GROUP.


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